Our Favourite Things

It’s the first of December. Shit. I have a grand total of ZERO Christmas presents, none at all. Our Christmas tree can’t go up for another two weeks because of work being done to the house and we have no advent calendars under the roof because Beans would find and demolish them in a second. And no one takes chocolate from me.

In fact the one solitary, vaguely Christmassy thing I have is a scented candle. From last year.

So yeah, I’m not feeling overly festive as you can imagine.

Luckily I was having a conversation on Twitter (a Twittersation?) with the delectable Mummy Never Sleeps and Mrs_jenx and we hatched a bit of a master plan.

Today this plan comes coughing and spluttering into the world, taking its first breath and bestowing Christmassy sparkles onto all of us.

Here’s how it’s gonna go down:

Sign up to join in using this clever little form thingy.

This form will randomly generate you a festive friend.

Now send that festive friend something.


Sounds like an ordinary secret santa no? No!

The gift that you send is special, something personal to you, so we get a sneaky little glimpse into the lives of others.

It could be your favourite book or picture or drink or album or eyeshadow. It’s time to educate others in what gets you ticking, from biscuits to, well, as far as your imagination and your passion stretches really.

Something old or new or crafted, something you love…whatever it is that floats your boat we want you to share your passion with someone else.

Well, what are you waiting for? Fill in the form, wait for the email with the details of the blogger you’re sending to and get thinking/shopping/making.

Ho ho ho!


Entries will close on Tuesday 11th December when you will receive your matches to give you time to get sorted and posted by Tuesday 18th December, that way we will all have an extra present in our stockings in time for the big day. Hurrah!